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My trip to France

I decided to celebrate my last days of my thirties in Europe.

I am truly grateful to have visited this historic land. It was a solo trip where I met up with a friend from city to city participating in great adventures and revisiting my past, as I entered each museum of art. I visited or resided in various cities from Paris, Anger, Mont-Saint Michel, Roubaix, Versaille to many more.

Circling the Eiffel Tower by motorcycle
Montmartre Sacré Coeur
Le Louvre
Pont des Arts
Musée de Picasso
Roubaix – Musée de la piscine
Le Moulin Rouge
Mont Saint-Michel
Home in Paris
The grocery store where Amélie was filmed
What’s left of Notre Dame after the fire
Mont Saint-Michel
Chateau Versaille
Roubaix Le Musée de la Piscine
Anger Castle
Anger Castle
Anger Castle
English bookstore in Paris
Winged Victory of Samothrace
Mona Lisa

Van Gogh

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