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My Zebra Finches: Beau & Jolene

In my teens I had a Mynah bird and a lovebird. Something about passing my forties made me think of my youth and they were the first pets I had. I’ve been wanting to get my dog, Riley some friends but can’t take the responsibility of more pets, except for birds. They are inexpensive, low maintenance pets.

Meet Beau & Jolene

They are one year old Zebra Finches. Beau is the white one with “rosey” cheeks and Jolene (named famously after the Dolly Parton Classic) is the one with the striped tail. I just love their contrasting, vivid orange beak on their pale but soft little bodies.

Jolene is more adventurous and enjoys annoying Beau. She’s the loud one. Beau tolerates her. He is quiet and is only adventurous once Jolene convinces him that there is no danger. They are adorable together especially at night when they cuddle together in their nest.

I got them this beautiful white cage through the magic of Facebook Marketplace. The top opens up completely with easy and they are free to fly about but not too high as I clipped a small part of their feathers. It’s perfectly safe.

Jolene especially enjoys climbing my plants.

Because I have a dog, I’ve had to train Riley to give them their space. He’s curious of course but after a few days they have gotten used to each other.


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