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Biking in Montreal

I am truly thankful to my father for teaching me to ride my bike at an early age. It’s helped me be more independent. I love riding, when avoiding the many potholes. It’s as close to flying as I’ll get feeling the wind in my face and through my hair. I enjoy it especially very late at night when the road is all yours.

You can get great deals on bikes through Facebook Marketplace. I got my first one for only 35$ and got free tuneups in exchange for advertisement on my popular Instagram gallery.

It really motivated me to do extra activities when it’s just a few minutes away from a Vintage Bazaar, Record Fair, Arts and Craft Fairs, Garage Sales, and Clothing Swaps. Plus the added bonus of meeting one friend at a time during the pandemic by going on picnics and keeping our distance. Lastly, it gives me an excuse to go out and capture the city through some photography.

Montreal Old Port

I sold the first bike for “Black Betty” as I called her. A Vintage Sears black beauty but sadly she was stolen after only a few short months of riding. Right from the very front of my building in broad daylight.

Black Betty

After filing a police report and registering my bike, I made peace with the fact that it was gone and searched for a new one.

Meet “Ron Burgundy”. I found this used bike on Facebook, checked that it was not stolen and pimped this baby up. I was never a maroon kind of girl but accessorized with silver and caramel it gave it some class. It rides really smooth too.

What lesson did I learn?

  • Never buy chain locks. It is easy for thieves to use a cutter and run off with it.
  • Register your bike with SPVM through (Garage 529)
  • Invest in a well rated U lock.
  • The anger over the experience went away when I realized this new used bike rides better and doesn’t hurt my back as much as the old one when climbing. Maybe it had to be stolen in order for me to get a bike better fit for my body.

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