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Craft Fair @ C’est Tout Soleil

It was a pleasure to have been one of the vendors at the C’est Tout Soleil #craftfair. There were very talented artists who presented their lovely crafts.

Road trips

Oh how I’ve missed road trips. I love being with a good partner, on the road listening/signing to Motown music as we reach our destination. Sometimes stopping at a few Micro brewery/café/restaurants and enjoying the menu. I especially enjoy getting to practice my swimming in lakes, when the water is just perfect.I’m completely at peace…

Biking in Montreal

I am truly thankful to my father for teaching me to ride my bike at an early age. It’s helped me be more independent. I love riding, when avoiding the many potholes. It’s as close to flying as I’ll get feeling the wind in my face and through my hair. I enjoy it especially very…

My Zebra Finches: Beau & Jolene

In my teens I had a Mynah bird and a lovebird. Something about passing my forties made me think of my youth and they were the first pets I had. I’ve been wanting to get my dog, Riley some friends but can’t take the responsibility of more pets, except for birds. They are inexpensive, low…

My trip to France

I decided to celebrate my last days of my thirties in Europe. I am truly grateful to have visited this historic land. It was a solo trip where I met up with a friend from city to city participating in great adventures and revisiting my past, as I entered each museum of art. I visited…

My trip to Bangladesh

How blessed I was to revisit my native land. Here are a few of the captures I was bale to take from my experience. Such a colorful country!

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